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1972 Charger SE Brougham | 1962 Dart

Tim writes: A 1976 photo shows my 1972 Charger SE Brougham. 400 magnum/automatic. The Mopar had 3.23 SureGrip, AM/FM and A/C. It was a 16 year old’s wild ride. Of course the headers, American Racing Mags and Petty Blue paint didn’t hurt either.

1972 Charger SE Brougham

The car in front of the Charger was the first car I ever drove: a 1962 Dart with a 318/auto.

Actually wish I had both of these Mopars now.

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1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix

1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix

Gary H. writes: A 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix, shown above, was my first Mopar, one of around 73,000 or so Phoenix models that were built that year. These photos were taken in 1967 with black and white film (normal back then). A dealer brochure illustration below shows the blue color paint my Dart wore.

Note in the engine photo below the aftermarket chrome air cleaner and four barrel on the 318 Polysphirical engine. The Dart had the optional factory four barrel upgrade! The engine was quite responsive and moved the Dodge effortlessly, as my Dodge Dart weighed only 3,218 pounds.

1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix dash 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix 318

1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix dealer brochure illustration

1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix dealer brochure illustration

Gary H.

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