Houston Mopar Connection Club Member's A Body Mopars
now featured in a book!

On October 25, 2000 author Steve Statham writes:

The book was released just last month. It is titled Musclecar Color History: Dodge Dart and Plymouth Duster, and is published by MBI Publishing, better known as Motorbooks. It can be ordered through their catalog, or from Amazon.com, or purchased through Barnes & Noble, or Borders Books and Music.

HMCC A body Cars in Book!

Format: Paperback, 128pp., ISBN: 0760307601, Publish Date: September 2000

Several Houston-area cars are featured inside, including Mike McFatridge's Swinger 340 clone, Brian Uccello's 1971 Duster 340, and Jim Poncik's 340 GTS.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I've greatly appreciated the help and enthusiasm from the members of the Houston Mopar club.

Below is the text from the original HMCC web page asking for help in getting the appropriate cool Mopars for this book!

Call for A-Body Mopars!

brought to you by

The Houston Mopar Connection Club.

I need help putting me in touch with suitable A-body Mopars I can photograph for my upcoming book project.

To review, I'm looking for nicely restored or original high-performance Darts, Demons and Dusters for a book I'm writing for Motorbooks Publishing. The book is a history of the A-body musclecars, with my own original color photography as well as archival black and white pictures from the Chrysler historical collection. Anyone whose car appears in the book gets a free signed copy when it is published this fall.

Probably my highest priority is to put together a cover shot. For this I need a brightly-colored Duster 340 and a Swinger or GTS with bumble bee stripe. I'm going to try to get a nice dusk shot with the cars at a drive-in, or old garage or gas station or somesuch, but one thing at a time.

I also would like to find an early Dart GT or two (1963-1966), and any Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding cars in the area. I could also use a good 1970 or 1971 Swinger 340, and I can still fit in any top-notch Duster 340s you might have (Brian Ucello's blue 1971 Duster 340 looked nice on the website). I could also use a very late 1975-1976 Dart Sport 360 or Duster 360.

I have enough 1967-1969 GTS 340 and 383 cars on file (there were a ton of them at the Mopar Nats this year, and I photographed most of them), but if there are any of the ultra-rare 1968 Hemi Darts lurking around Houston I'd love to hear from them.

Steve Statham / e-mail sstatham@swbell.net
Lago Vista, TX
(512) 267-0670

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